Clazzio seat covers 2003 tacoma

Discussion in ' 3rd Gen. Log in or Sign up. Tacoma World. Welcome to Tacoma World! You are currently viewing as a guest! To get full-access, you need to register for a FREE account. Clazzio leather seat covers! Post Reply. Joined: Mar 13, Member: Messages: 6, GrossomottoSep 9, BlazinBlueTaco and Bigdaddy like this.

Last edited: Sep 9, BigdaddySep 9, Steve0ctSep 9, Mine came in today and will probably install a portion after the Saints game, at least the driver seat. SippiSep 9, BlazinBlueTaco likes this. I am planning on getting my Clazzios once funds come in.

I love the ventilated seats, and since Clazzios are perforated, I wonder if a similar system is possible. I actually also really like the UX F Sport overall. RainoffireSep 10, BigdaddySippi and BlazinBlueTaco like this.

Mitch76Sep 10, Bigdaddy and BlazinBlueTaco like this. Should be interesting to see how they look with the red contour on the inside.


Do they ship faster if you order what they have in stock? Sn4rlaxSep 10, Steve0ctSep 11, Can someone show me their PVC and someone show me their leather.

I just want to see the difference.Clazzio Seat Cover is an innovative icon in automotive seat cover industry. Clazzio is a seat cover, but does not look like a seat cover. Clazzio takes measurements in an unique 3-dimentional way and each seat cover is designed specifically to each seat pattern from each specific vehicle model.

Therefore it delivers a perfect tight fitting without any loose area, unlike the traditional seat cover in the market. All you have to do is to slip the seat cover on the seat without any special skills or tools required.

Experience the factory leather seat with Clazzio seat cover. Clazzio seat cover keeps the installation simple which does not require removing the seat. Clazzio seat cover is also compatible with the side air bag on the front seats tested by CAPE. Safety is the top priority and it is proved the seat cover would not affect the deployment of the side air bag in case of emergency. We promise to never spam you, and just use your email address to identify you as a valid customer.

Took a bit of time to install because of the fitment, but overall pretty happy with the quality. Could be better with responding to emails, but at the end it worked out.

Posted by Chris Wickliffe on Jul 28th. I was very impressed with the quality of the seat covers, everything fit like a glove, absolutely perfect! The seat covers, center console cover and headrest covers were all quality covers and well engineered. I installed the complete set of front and rear covers in a couple of hours, it was easy and such a pleasure to work with a quality and well designed product.

If anyone is looking for seat covers you won't find any that are better than these not to mention they were priced right. They went on my wife's new Tacoma and look like they are factory leather, simply beautiful! This is a real review from a new Clazzio customer, I know where I'll buy my next set of seat covers, without hesitation it'll be Clazzio!!! Posted by Daniel Boomer on Apr 17th. All prices are in USD. Clazzio is a registered trademark of Eleven International and is used with their permission.

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Welcome to Tacoma World! You are currently viewing as a guest! To get full-access, you need to register for a FREE account. Quick Links: Got my new Taco Can anyone help identify who makes these side step rails? Clazzio leather seat covers! Post Reply.

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Does the kit come with the center console cover also? TrbospankerAug 21, Clazzio is there a brown that is darker than this?

I like the way ah they look in the first pics but I think it may be a little too light in the other pics. Andrew HAug 21, ClazzioAug 21, Can you all share pics of where you ran the strings, please?

Mine show! Can embroidery be done on the seat instead of on the headrest? QuimbyAug 21, I added heated seat to my pick up which changed my life thanks to you! Just wanted you to know you have a seriously happy customer. AND no one even knows they are covers, they fit so well they look like factory seats ;- ". After researching several brands of covers I went with yours. All I can say is "A great product" that I found very easy to install. They look like factory leather once installed.

The fit is like a glove. I really like the zippered sides on the backrest sections. I believe they helped make the install much easier. All I can say is money well spent. Thanks Clazzio. Got the covers via FedEx this afternoon.

clazzio seat covers 2003 tacoma

My wife absolutely loved the center console tribute to our deceased son. The headrests are beautiful. You really did a nice job and we couldnt be happier! Now, if the weather here in NJ would only get warm. I cant wait to get the seat covers on. Thanks so much for your hard work and time emailing me back and forth to get it just right.

You guys at Clazzio are awesome!! I installed the covers with no issues. My friends can not believe that these are covers.Discussion in ' 3rd Gen.

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Log in or Sign up. Tacoma World. Welcome to Tacoma World! You are currently viewing as a guest! To get full-access, you need to register for a FREE account. Quick Links: Front diff drain plug alternate part Remote Starter Anyone else notice a speedo error on their s? Oil filter housing replacement Clazzio leather seat covers! Post Reply. Aloha Fellow Tacoma Owners!

Just joined this site so this is my first post!

clazzio seat covers 2003 tacoma

Was looking here for Options besides Wet Okoles and these Clazzios seemed like a better cover in many ways. For 1 they look awesome With the new Sport interior 2 they seem Like they will be easier to clean and maintain. Wet Okoles are very popular here in Hawaii And I've seen some in friends Tacomas that looked pretty bad after a couple years. Glad I chose the Clazzios! Just received mine today, on a Sunday!

How cool is that! Installed the fronts and console today, took about 1. Only problem I encountered was doing the Velcro thing for the seat backs but will tackle that another day! All in All Very happy with These awesome covers! Looks Factory Oem! This is the 2nd mod as the Q from Oem Audio got here 1st. OldmanDec 11, JasonCzDec 12, AustinNativeDec 12, Universal Toyota leather seat covers are recognizable because of its excellent build and quality materials.

Most enthusiasts recommend this particular seat cover for its cost-effectivity and high re-sell value. While it is evident that customized types of seat covers are the best as of the moment, the universal model is still relevant.

clazzio seat covers 2003 tacoma

It is no doubt that when it comes to price, budget-conscious individuals will choose the universal type. They are cheaper because of the materials in use and the default dimensions it has. Customized seat covers are expensive because manufacturers take specific conditions from their clients, and fulfilling all of them is a tough thing to do. The universal fit, on the other hand, is made to suit any car seats that are in the market.

Clazzio is a distributor that offers cheap and quality universal fit products. The only thing you need to do is wait for the shipment to arrive and install it.

Ordering from online stores is also a safe thing to do because of its assurance that the car accessory would fit in your car no matter what. Because of the limited budget, manufacturers are making them dull in color and plain in design. It is not entirely a problem because most people are fond of minimalism and simplistic design. Most of the colors are also perfect for any car interior design concept, but you still need to do your research and judgment on what color you should pick.

The lack of universal type when it comes to design is just fair because of how much durability it packs. It is a guarantee that these car accessories will be able to withstand scratches and even agents that cause wear and tear. Wear and tear, in particular, is a fierce enemy that original car seats face.

It is also one of the top reasons why people buy universal fit Toyota leather seat covers. But a universal seat cover may be able to save it by covering it up and protecting it from more damage.

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You might not need to maintain or clean your car seats anymore when you install a cover. The reason behind this is that the leather or whatever material it has is resistant to many harmful agents.

For instance, Clazzio sells water-resistant seat covers in any type. More resistances are also available depending on your needs. The leather seat covers need water resistance because a lot of car-owners are fond of bringing drinks inside their car. It imposes a big problem when they spill because of sudden movements or little accidents.

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The water-resistance of the leather seat cover makes it easier for you to clean the spill using any cloth or tissue. The thermal or temperature resistance would be helpful to you if you like to park your car in spots where violent sun rays are persistent. The universal Toyota leather seat covers are still the winner when it comes to price and convenience when compared to a custom-designed one.

Enter below to win a front seat and back seat set of Clazzio leather seat covers for your vehicle. Search by Vehicle.They even provided a cell phone for our unrestricted use (which, because of their planning and execution, was not needed, not even once call). Every encounter with a service provider, basically the rental vehicle and hotels (plus a few optional tours we had them book), went smoothly and cleanly.

Clazzio leather seat covers!

Yes, they may have cost us a bit more but it was worth it (and, I'm sure, would have been even more worth it if there had been any problems along the way). What fantastic service this company provides.

clazzio seat covers 2003 tacoma

They customised a tour to meet my requirements. When we arrived they gave us a complete package of information and everything was perfectly arranged.

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When I first made an enquiry I told them we wanted to photograph waterfalls and they had marked the map of our route with all the waterfalls. I really recommend them very highly. Helga planned every detail, including making reservations at the most unique lodgings anywhere, arranging our rental car, providing a map with the route and handwritten notations of stops to make along the way.

Nordic Visitor also provided a spiral bound notebook with suggested sights to see each day, including optional excursions.

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Nordic Visitor provided us with a cell phone (which we used to call Nordic Visitor with questions during our trip), a gas discount card and an anniversary gift as well. If you love the outdoors and exploring, Iceland cannot be beat. And don't forget to call Helga at Nordic Visitor. They will work closely with you to make sure your trip is as memorable as ours. From our pick up at the airport to renting a car, booking hotel rooms and suggesting sites that are not in the guide books, all transitions were seamless.

We had an itinerary that we could use as is or go 'off script' and still experience what Iceland had to offer. We highly recommend them. The hotels were excellent. The meals at the hotels were also great. A nice package giving us good hotel values and locations as well as Nordic Visitor's expertise on the best things to see.

This was my second tour with Nordic Visitor.


In 2014 I booked a tour of Iceland through Nordic Visitor, and that was also a very positive experience. I will definitely use Nordic Visitor again in all my future travels to Scandinavia. I enjoyed every place I stayed. Was made to feel welcome and staff were friendly and helpful when asked questions. Everyone had stories to tell about their specific area which I found most enjoyable.

I have travelled to many different parts of the world and Iceland is my new favorite destination largely due to the wonderful experience provided by Nordic Visitor and travel consultant Gudrun in particular. Although I visited in an unusually cold and snowy May the beauty of Iceland and the warmth of the people will be in my heart forever. Thank you everyone for a glimpse into the life of an Icelander.

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